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We believe in giving people the power to operate at the speed of thought. As a market leader in managed services and consulting, Skystream helps companies of all sizes and industries. Combining strategy, software, sourcing and results. Skystream channels have enabled more than 30,000 employees in 3 countries to streamline operations, adapt continuously and grow sustainably.

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Our first step is to learn about your organization, work flow and the available human capital. Then we hit the white board to explore solutions that will improve your business work flow and will allow your business to better streamline operations. Lastly, we present detailed plans that feature our consulting, implementation plan and associated costs.

We base our quotes in consideration of the project type, company size, level of difficulty, software costs and time frame.

Yes. We tailor our consulting to fit our clients workflow.

Yes, we are always look for quality consultants to join our team. Contact


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